Customer Information

How can I place an order for a sample analysis or collection?

The best way is to use our online form or via e-mail. We will immediately send you our offer with all necessary information. Please do not hesitate to inquire about analyses that are not listed on our website; we will do our best to ensure your satisfaction.

When and how will I receive results?

Simple or urgent analyses (e.g. well water without microbiology, natural gas, diesel fuel) will take 1 to 3 business days to complete, the more complex ones (waste, sediments, etc.) up to two weeks.  Let us know if you need your sample processed urgently! You will first receive an e-mail with the test results and a laboratory report with the invoice will be sent to you by mail. If requested, the report can include a detailed evaluation or comparison with relevant standards (ČSN, regulations, resolutions, etc.).

What sample quantity and what type of containers to use?

Send us an e-mail or fill out the form online; we will have the sampling containers ready for you and give you tips on how best to collect your samples. In some instances, one’s own sampling containers will suffice, e.g. a clean plastic bottle (1.5 l) for water analysis, a dry glass bottle (1 l) for fuel analysis or a plastic bag (about 1kg capacity) for solid material analysis.

Can I request sampling collections or field measurements/testing?

Yes, two qualified samplers will be sent to professionally collect any samples that you may require. With the results, you will also receive a sampling report, including photo documentation.

What are some of the analyses performed on a routine basis?

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