We treat every location in which we operate as if it were our home

Safety and sustainability are the most important components of MND’s activities. Our priority is protecting the health of both our employees and the people living around us.

What we do


We produce traditional energy sources

We have explored for crude oil and natural gas since 1913. We supply gas and power to up to 200 000 households throughout the country.

We have over 100 years of experience in our field.
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We are expanding our portfolio of traditional sources to include renewable energy sources

By using renewable energy sources we are reducing CO2 generation, thus contributing to the future energy transformation.

We will achieve energy self-sufficiency using renewable sources in 2025.
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We bring technologies that protect the environment

We are focusing on reducing CO2 emissions. We are contributing to meeting environmental commitments by using technology for storing CO2 in rock structures.

We are actively involved in meeting European Green Deal targets.
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We trade with energy

We cover the main energy markets and raw materials.
We focus on transparency and long-term relationships

We are playing our part in reducing our carbon footprint.
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MND Energy Storage

Construction and operation of underground gas storage facilities.

MND Drilling & Services

Exploration and mining drilling, geothermal energy drilling.

MND Energie

Supplying gas and electricity to households and companies.


“A person naturally loves the region in which they grew up and feels some responsibility for its development. We care about MND’s participation in the life of the community and do everything we can to ensure that people have good lives in our region.”

Jana Hamršmídová

We are part of the community

We have a long-term focus on activities that maintain centuries-old traditions, protect the environment and contribute towards our children’s engagement in sport and knowledge development. We care for our region and create space for communities to cooperate.

Our current projects include the renovation of Olivetská hora (Mount of Olives), the refinement of the Lesopark Bažantnice Dúbrava forest park, and the establishment of Školka v pohybu (Kindergarten in Motion).

All projects



We traditionally focus on exploring for and extracting crude oil and natural gas, but are newly focusing on environmentally friendly technologies such as CCS (Carbon Capture Storage), renewable energy sources and others.

We are the largest drilling contractor in the Czech Republic, where we carry out extraction and exploration drilling, drilling for gas storage facilities, and hydro and geothermal drilling.

We have constructed and operate strategically important gas storage facilities.

We supply electricity and gas to a quarter of a million consumption points in the Czech Republic.

We trade in:

  • Gas
  • Gas storage facilities
  • Electricity
  • CO2

We trade in:

  • Gas
  • Gas storage facilities
  • Electricity

Since 2002, we have operated the Stockstadt and Hähnlein underground storage facilities with the capability to store hydrogen in natural gas admixtures of up to 5% H2. This is how we can store transformed electricity.

We trade in:

  • Gas
  • Gas storage facilities
  • Electricity
  • CO2

We trade in:

  • Gas
  • Gas storage facilities
  • Electricity
  • Coal

We trade in:

  • Gas
  • Gas storage facilities

We trade in:

  • Electricity

We trade in:

  • Gas
  • Gas storage facilities
  • Electricity

We have been actively developing activities focused on the exploration and extraction of natural hydrocarbons, primarily natural gas, in Ukraine since 2014.

Here, too, we are focusing on using renewable energy sources. The largest current project of this nature is the construction of the Oriv wind farm.

We trade in:

  • Gas
  • Gas storage facilities
Great Britain

With our most powerful Bentec 450 drilling rig we are participating in a geothermal well in Cornwall in Britain, creating a renewable, recirculating energy source for the EDEN locality there. With this contract, we have made significant progress in the promising geothermal energy segment.

    The transformation of the company gives a glimpse into a greener future


    In the context of the transformation of the EU economy, there is a need to reduce the carbon footprint and to find more ecological methods of obtaining energy. Work with new sources will help us return to the Earth what it is giving us.

    Commencement of gas and electricity sales to households and small enterprises


    MND begins offering extracted gas directly to households. Later in the year it added competitively priced electricity to its offer.

    Entry into Ukraine


    The commencement of intensive exploratory work leading to a gradual increase in natural gas extraction to the current 340 000 m³ per day. The original four exploration licences were complemented with a further two in 2021.

    First private underground gas storage facility in the CR


    MND participates in the construction and launch of the first private underground gas storage facility in the Czech Republic. The gas storage facility in Dolní Bojanovice with a capacity of 520 million m3 contributes towards obtaining a strategic gas supply for citizens and enterprises in the CR.

    Privatisation brings innovation and new business opportunities


    Moravské naftové doly becomes a one-hundred-percent private company. Private capital brings technology innovations and the possibility of entering new markets.

    Expansion abroad


    MND intensively expands its activities in Pakistan. The discovery of the Sawan gas deposit in 1997 opens additional opportunities for expansion in Pakistan and the Near East.

    Československé naftové doly based in Hodonín


    The merger of all extraction and refining activities in the Hodonín region creates a state-owned enterprise with almost 2 000 employees. After the establishment of the Federation in 1969, this is split into Slovak and Czech parts. Moravské naftové doly is created.

    Discovery of crude oil and gas


    The first discovery of crude oil in the territory of the Vienna Basin opens a new chapter in the development of the extraction industry in Southern Moravia.

    Karel Komárek
    Chairman of the Board of Directors

    The founder of the KKCG group, he focuses primarily on its long-term strategic development.

    In cooperation with members of the board of directors and the management of the individual holdings, he sets the investment strategy in the individual key areas of interest, and participates in creating long-term partnerships, in particular with foreign investors and business partners.

    He was also present at the establishment of a series of generally beneficial projects, including the Dvořákova Praha (Dvořák’s Prague) festival and the Nadace Proměny (Metamorphosis) foundation.

    Miroslav Jestřabík
    Member of the Board of Directors

    Member of the board of directors responsible for the management, development and strategy of the Crude Oil and Natural Gas business pillar.

    A member of the board of directors of the KKCG investment group, MND Group A.G, MND and MND Drilling & Services, Miroslav Jestřabík has held top management positions at the KKCG group since 1998. He is responsible for the management, development and strategy of the Crude Oil and Natural Gas business pillar. Before his arrival at the KKCG group he held management positions in the banking sector. He graduated from the Slovak Technical University in Bratislava.

    Jiří Ječmen
    Member of the Board of Directors

    He has worked for the KKCG investment group since 2003. He was involved in the restructuring of the MND group from 2006 to 2010. From 2007 he was a member for three years and later the vice-chair of the supervisory board of SPP Bohemia, the operator of a gas storage facility in Dolní Bojanovice. Since 2011 he has held the position of chair of the board of directors of Moravia Gas Storage, where is currently a member of the supervisory board.

    Helmut Langanger
    Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors

    Before coming to MND he worked for many years in various management positions at OMV Exploration & Production, where he achieved many international successes, in particular in searching for crude oil and natural gas deposits around the world. From 2002 he was CEO of OMV E&P and a member of the board of directors of the parent OMV. He spends his free time hiking in South Tyrol.

    Ulrich Schöller
    Member of the Board of Directors

    Before joining MND he had worked in the European gas industry for over 30 years, primarily for Ruhrgas, where he held various management positions. From the early 1990s he was responsible for the development of Ruhrgas’ gas activities in Central and Eastern Europe. In 1996 he became a member of the board of directors of Ruhrgas Energie Beteiligungs, and from 2005 CEO of E.ON Ruhrgas International. In his free time he mainly focuses on sport, such as skiing, cycling and yachting.

    Jana Hamršmídová
    MND Energy Director

    She joined the predecessor of the current MND after completing her studies in 1987, spending a large part of her professional career there in expert technical and management positions in the field of exploration and extraction of hydrocarbon deposits and underground natural gas storage.

    From 2004 to 2010 she worked abroad, in Slovakia and in Austria, where she continued to focus on this field.

    Martin Pich
    Mnd Trading Director

    He has been working in the energy industry and commodity trading since 2001. He worked 12 years for company Alpiq, out of which 9 years in the headquarter in Switzerland, where he was responsible for commodity trading in the region of Central and South east Europe. He joined MND in 2017 and was appointed as Director of Trading Division in summer 2019.

    Audit Committee

    Ing. Ilona Heligrová
    Ing. Milan Dvorák
    Ing. Radim Ciprys