Introducing MND

Energy for today
and future generations

We produce energy from traditional and renewable sources. We introduce environmentally friendly technologies that contribute to the restoration of the environment.

Our vision


MND Vision


We can draw on 100 years of experience in the field. With respect for people and the environment.


We will achieve 100% energy self-sufficiency using renewables in 2025.


We are moving towards carbon neutrality by 2040.

We are building on a hundred years of tradition and meeting our commitments

We generate and trade in energy. We are introducing processes that are environmentally friendly and will contribute towards achieving energy self-sufficiency using traditional and renewable resources.

Our mining rescue station provides assistance in dangerous mine situations as well as in environmental protection, while our accredited laboratory performs certified analyses of liquids and gases. All our employees are specialists in their fields, and have been passing on their experience since 1913.

More about us

Our attitude towards future technologies

We return to the Earth what it gives us

The whole world is going through changes related to the use of natural resources. We are responding to the call for change and have both the desire and the power to be part of the energy transformation.

Hence we are focusing on new technologies using renewable energy sources, on the effective use of traditional resources, and on reducing our carbon footprint.

Our activity in the region

The Future

We are moving towards energy self-sufficiency and a cleaner tomorrow.

The Environment

We are creating projects linked to environmental protection and community development.


Our successes are thanks to the company’s experienced and qualified employees.

Working in MND

We offer the mature base of a large company and the assurance of regular income. We care for our employees with flexible working hours and educational opportunities. With us, you can become part of the energy transformation striving for a greener future for the coming generations.

  • A safe and pleasant work environment
  • Contributions towards leisure activities and meal allowances
  • The possibility to participate in innovation and development projects
  • and much more
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At MND I started as a miner and am now a technologist. I have the opportunity to work in the field, and have to take the correct decisions in operational matters everyday. It is important for me to have a team of helpful, willing and reliable people.