A hundred years of tradition
in exploration and production

We produce energy resources for domestic consumption using modern technologies. Yet always with consideration for the landscape and the environment.

Production in numbers


11 exploration licences

Cutting-edge technologies

Local production without transport


Exploration and Production In Numbers

On an area of ​​2000 km2 we carry out the complete process for obtaining natural gas and crude oil – meaning from exploration through to effective and safe production


In 2021 we produced 1.8 million barrels of oil equivalent (BOE).


We produced approximately 201 million m³ of gas, or around 2.1 terawatt hours (TWh) in 2021.


Up to 200,000 households can consume the gas we produce.

We have been producing oil and gas since 1913

Our more than 100 years of experience combined with the application of new technologies enables us to continue to find new resources, thus contributing to energy security.

Our new resources can be rapidly made available to end consumers thanks to an already existing and sufficiently dense infrastructure. This also enables to minimise emissions related to crude oil and gas transport.

Two countries and 36 deposits

Czech Republic

We explore for oil and natural gas in Southern Moravia. We hold four exploration licences covering 1 715 km². Our daily production rate is around 270 m³ of crude oil and 270 000 m³ of gas. Many of our deposits have been producing crude oil and gas for over 50 years.

Using the latest technologies (e.g. 3D seismic survey) we continue to search for new deposits. We currently have 36.

We drill three to four wells to depths of 1 500 to 4 000 m every year. Employing computer simulation of the production process and applying innovative procedures enable us to increase the recovery from the fields and thus extend their lifespans.

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We acquired our first exploration and production licences in Ukraine in 2014 with the purchase of 80% of the company Horyzonty. We hold six licences covering 295 km². The daily production rate is around 340 000 m³ of gas.

In 2019 we discovered the new Girska field, and covered it with 3D seismic survey one year later. We drilled 11 appraisal and development wells there over three years. We obtained an exploration licences for the Zhukivska and Tynivska areas in 2021.

The Oriv wind farm (construction in progress) in Ukraine as a part of the new technologies sector represents a greener future for the coming generations.

Licence MND Ukrajina



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