Responsible behaviour towards the community and the region

Our activities also include support for communities in the region in which we operate, and refining public space. We renovate historical structures, revitalise natural spaces and build centres for social life.

Where we help

Energy for beneficial projects

Building public space

Caring for nature and the young generation

We devote energy to projects that contribute towards social development and have positive impacts on the lives of the people living in the region. Responsibly and sustainably.


Olivetská hora (Mount of Olives)

The restoration of the Mount of Olives on Holy Hill in Mikulov

SINCE 2013

In our country, Holy Hill in Mikulov is a unique example of a cultural landscape in which natural and historical gems come together and a work by man resonates with respect for nature. At its foot, in the southwestern part named Mount of Olives, there are the remnants of a limestone rocky steppe characterised by the presence of rare, protected plants.

Bažantnice Lives

Modernisation of the suburban forest and adjacent area of the part of Hodonín known as Bažantnice

SINCE 2016

Since 2016 we have supported the transformation of the part of the town of Hodonín called Bažantnice into a modern public space that will serve both local residents and the frequent visitors. In 2017, and in cooperation with the town of Hodonín, we involved students at the Faculty of Horticulture at Mendel University in Brno and the general public in the idea with the goal of building a space for leisure activities.

Ždánice Butterfly Paradise

Saving Butterfly Paradise in Ždánice

SINCE 2008

The steppe to forest-steppe character of the landscape in Ždánice is a genuine natural treasure. 84 types of diurnal butterflies live here – more than half the types found in the whole of the country – along with many types of birds and plants. Hence we have been providing long-term support for the Saving Butterfly Paradise project, which ensures the maintenance of suitable conditions for the occurrence of a large quantity of herbs and grasses that butterflies need in their lifecycles.

Lednice Chateau Pond

Revitalisation of the chateau pond at Lednice

2020 - 2023

In close cooperation with Biosférická rezervace Dolní Morava, o. p. s. we are participating in the revitalisation of the chateau pond. This revitalisation is comprised of the maintenance of dozens of inclined trees, and the removal of accumulated silt and leaves from the flooded banks. The sediment was removed with the help of a special “floating excavator” with a powerful sludge pump, and now bird colonies on Volavčí and Ovčí islands have the peace and calm they need for nesting and caring for their young.

Kindergartens in Motion

SINCE 2016

The goals of the popular movement-oriented programme for children in the Hodonín Region are to build a positive and long-term relationship to physical exercise through play, and to enable children to try out a wide range of sports. They thus get the opportunity to join the Hodonín Football Club and the Hodonín Athletics Club or to enjoy another sport that interests them. The Kindergartens in Motion project is part of the systematic support for sport in the town of Hodonín.

Over 270 girls and boys from a total of ten schools and kindergartens from Hodonín and nearby are involved in the project. This promotion of sport and a healthy lifestyle in the region has resulted in increased interest in sport among the youngest generation, and also the creation of new girls’ football teams.

Lednice-Valtice Music Festival 2022

We are a long-term partner of many cultural and nature conservation projects in the Lednice-Valtice area.

Since 2022

One of these projects is the Lednice-Valtice Music Festival, which resonated to the spirit of Balkan rhythms this year.
The LVMF was established in 2016 with the aim of bringing classical music back to South Moravia and especially to this area.

Music played an irreplaceable role here in the past, and the Liechtenstein family was extremely interested in this form of art. Over the years, the festival has thus brought together the unique architecture of the region and musical gems. The dramaturgy is often based on a historical event connected with the venue.

Connecting art with space and everyday life

Open Studios Art Hub

Since 2021

The three-year cycle of six exhibitions entitled CONTACTS was created through our vision of connecting art and the architecture of the MND building in Hodonín with the everyday lives of our employees in cooperation with artists Václav Kočí and Ondřej Homola from the Open Studios association and architect Barbara Jung.

Slovácký krúžek Charvatčané (Moravian-Slovakian Croat Group)

A folklore tradition in our region

Since 2022

Slovácký krúžek Charvatčané is the youngest of the Moravian-Slovakian groups in the Podluží region.

Although it was only founded in 2002, it can already boast many successes, both in the Czech Republic and abroad.

The ‘Charvatčané’ are not only gifted dancers. They are also singers, and they produce music albums to display their talent.