An energy-rich future
for a cleaner tomorrow

We are introducing greener technologies and changing how we obtain energy in accordance with our environmental commitments.

Challenges and targets


Innovating current projects

Reducing the carbon footprint

Green methods for obtaining energy

We are working with new energy sources and are part of the transformation of society


We go beyond the borders of our traditional business when introducing new technologies

We are developing and introducing the most modern technologies which, in the future, will bring about reduced emissions and help us achieve energy self-sufficiency using renewable sources. We are building our strategy on two pillars, using our experience and resources from our traditional business to introduce new technologies in energy and environmental protection, areas in which we see our new business opportunities.

One of our targets is to achieve 100% self-sufficiency using RES in the near future.

Our dependency on hydrocarbons will not disappear overnight, but we have a plan

Oil and gas will play an important role in demand for energy for at least the next 30 years, even in the most demanding energy-transformation scenarios.

We are actively involved in projects focusing on reducing greenhouse gas emissions, as we consider this to be of key importance for environmental protection.

The path to carbon neutrality lies in partnerships and cooperation

The quality and development of companies in all sectors have always been closely connected with the creation of mutually beneficial partnerships, and this has been no different in our sector. We feel that today, during this period of energy transformation, this is more important than ever before.

We believe that close cooperation between energy producers, technology manufacturers, energy traders, lawmakers and communities will lead to progress and the fulfilment of the transformation goals.


Oriv wind farm


In 09/2021 construction of a wind farm in Ukraine was started. Installation of the last wind turbine,
out of a total of 10 units, was completed in 11/2023. The turbines then gradually entered testing
mode. We are going to deliver Green Energy to our customers from 02/2024.

The project was built and co-financed in cooperation with our Ukrainian partner. Many thanks to
them for the successful completion of the project in these difficult times.






mil. EUR

Annual production




Green hydrogen production


The goal of our pilot project is to acquire additional know-how in the fields of legislation, design, construction and operation of hydrogen-production technologies.




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