Responsible philosophy
for the sustainable kind of future

As part of our ESG policies, we take an approach to assessing and addressing the environmental, social and societal impacts of our business activities.

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We care about our place of abode

We assist where it makes the most sense

We grow together with our employees

“We are aware of our position in society and we are also aware of the responsibility that inevitably comes with it. The principles defined in our ESG policies and strategy define our view of our business activities and the world around us.  

The ESG topics are a guide to help us direct our business strategy and to align our business with the needs of a sustainable future for our entire society. As part of our ESG strategy, we address all three ESG pillars.

The focus of the environmental pillar is the respect for Nature; so we focus on environmental protection, the elimination of all forms of pollution; and our main motto is Carbon Neutrality in 2040.

The main topics in the social area are, above all, the respect for our employees in whom we see the main value of our company, protection and support of their health, professional and personal growth; we also place great emphasis on supporting local communities. Our credo is “We assist where we work”.

We believe that ethics, transparency in our business and security in cyberspace will become increasingly important in the future direction of human society. That is why these things are also part of our key ESG topics."

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“The world around us is changing rapidly; we are now facing great challenges.  We believe it is a change towards a better life and we intend to be part of this change.

This does not merely concern finding an adequate response to the pressing issues of climate changes, the consequences of which we are now experiencing in our region in the form of extreme weather events.

It also concerns responding to a clear shift in the needs of people and, more narrowly, of employees for the quality of their social and working environment.

The answer is a gradual process of transformation. Companies that have not done so yet, must start asking the right questions and, above all, trying to find answers. The MND Group is aware of its co-responsibility and has initiated this action. "

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Thinking about
people and Nature

We want to create a better place of the world around us. The main priority of MND is therefore sustainable development and growth, with respect for people and the environment. The ESG approach makes all this possible.

Wherever we operate, we assist communities to improve their lives. Among other things, we focus on developing public spaces, restoring historical buildings and revitalising natural assets.



We strive to reduce our environmental impact in every way possible.


An excellent relationship with our employees and the communities affected by our business is important to us.


We strive to be as transparent as possible in our governance and internal processes.


MND Group's ESG strategy

MND Group's Environmental, Social and Business Management Strategy for 2023-2027

Respect for Nature

Scope 1 + 2

By 2027, we will reduce emissions in Scope 1+2 compared to 2019 by

40 %
Scope 1 + 2

By 2030, we will reduce emissions in Scope 1+2 compared to 2019 by

Scope 1 + 2

By 2040, we will be carbon neutral

CO2 neutral
Investing in transitional and sustainable projects

We invest on average CZK 100 million in transitional and sustainable projects

CZK 100 million
Electrical power from renewable energy sources

By 2027, we will install renewable energy capacity

≥ 16 MW
Electrical consumption taken from renewable energy sources

From 2025 onwards, we will consume electricity originating only from renewable energy sources

Geothermal wells

We want to implement

≥ 1 wells
Disposal and rehabilitation of unused wells

by 2027, we will eliminate

≥ 65 wells
Disposal and rehabilitation of unused wells

By 2027, we will renovate and clean all unused wells and sites

CSS - CO2 capture and storage

we will participate in at least 1 CO2 capture and storage project

≥ 1 project

Respect for society

Major oil and gas spills

we will reduce major oil and gas spills to

≤ 2 + 2 spills
Operational safety violations

we will reduce the number of operational safety violations to

≤ 4 incidents
Operational safety inspections

we will increase the annual number of operational safety inspections to

≥ 1 900 inspections
Employee training

we will train our employees on average

≥ 15 hours annually

we will provide at least 1 employee feedback survey per year

≥ 1 survey
Investing in communities

we annually invest CZK 4 million in projects supporting local communities

CZK 4 million
Volunteering activities

we work ≥ 700 hours annually on volunteering activities

≥ 700 hours
Collaboration with universities and research activities

we will support students' theses and research projects

2+1 theses and projects
Support for diversity and inclusion

we will introduce a programme for senior managers to promote awareness of diversity and inclusion

100 %

Respect for ethical and transparent conduct

Business Ethics

we will train all relevant staff in Business Ethics once every 2 years

100 %
Investment and ESG

we will assess all significant investments for ESG above the threshold of

≥ CZK 1 million
Customer complaints

we will resolve all customer complaints within the prescribed time

100 %
ESG & leadership

we will assign responsibility for individual ESG KPIs (key process benchmarks) to specific managers

100 %
IT systems management and cybersecurity

all MND Group computer systems will be managed by the cybersecurity system

100 %
Business and cybersecurity

we eliminate disruption to economic and business activities due to cyberattacks

100 %
Cybersecurity and employees

we will train all employees at least once a year in cybersecurity

≥ 1