• We treat all regions in which we operate as our own home.
  • We respect the natural environment and the finite resources we use.
  • We are proud of our successes, but also prepared to take full responsibility for any impact caused by our activities.


Lower Morava Biosphere Reserve

As one of the founders of the Lower Morava Biosphere Reserve, MND has participated in joint activities aimed at preserving natural and cultural diversity and ensuring sustainable economic and demographic development since 2004.

Apart from the Pálava Landscape Protected Area, the Dolní Morava Biosphere Reserve includes the alluvial forest, stretching from the Soutok u Lanžhota forest district to Mikulčice, and the Lednice-Valtice Park with its unique landscape and architectural monuments.

The title “Biosphere Reserve” is an international collocation used to identify natural areas that are of great significance to local residents in terms of environmental protection.

Highly successful cooperation initiatives between MND and the Biosphere Reserve include the creation of a quiet zone called Pannonian Grove under the Mount of Olives overlooking the town of Mikulov, a reminder of the Garden of Gethsemane, and the Vegetation Revitalization project in Lužice.

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The Association for Butterfly Conservation

Nature has created a veritable treasure trove of beautiful and valuable animal and plant species in the region of south-eastern Moravia. One of these rare corners of nature is an area known as Butterfly Paradise.

The region includes several forest-steppe valleys bordering the Ždánice forest. The fact that this region has rightly been called a butterfly paradise is evidenced by the number of diurnal butterfly species that can be found there.

MND is a prominent supporter of the Butterfly Paradise and actively contributes toward the preservation of this immensely interesting and valuable corner of our country.

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Karel Komárek’s Proměny Foundation

Founded by Karel Komárek at the end of 2015, the Proměny Foundation has long been supported by MND Group.

Mission and Goals

Karel Komárek’s Proměny Foundation promotes an environment in which a well-designed public space becomes a natural part of city life in the Czech Republic, where the general public is increasingly involved in the related changes and where the urban setting offers more suitable opportunities for the healthy growth of our children.

How Does the Foundation Help?

By running three grant schemes – Parks, Playful Garden and Transform your Town – the Foundation helps at specific locations and provides financial assistance and consultancy for projects aimed at improving the urban environment.

Karel Komárek’s Proměny Foundation Principles

  • changing places and thinking – Changing the urban environment by changing the way in which people perceive their surroundings.  To achieve this, the Foundation intensely focuses on raising public awareness and education aimed at children from a very early age
  • with people for people – Supporting projects which respond to real public needs and which offer people the opportunity to become involved in the changes to their communities from the very beginning. People’s relationship to the places they live in is pivotal to the Foundation’s efforts
  • without templates – Valuing and recognizing the uniqueness of each place and each community. The Foundation assists original projects which respect the needs of locals as well as the genius loci and, at the same time, unlock the potential of the urban environment
  • step by step – Making a point of adopting a holistic approach to support which, in addition to grants, includes professional consultation, education, assistance in involving the public and communication support throughout the project.

Successes and Awards

The Foundation and the projects it supports have received numerous awards. The Playful Garden program won the Eduína award for innovation in education in 2013 as well as the international Right to Play award for promoting children’s right to play in 2014.   Projects undertaken with the Foundation’s support continue to enjoy success in professional competitions ranking achievements in architectural, garden or landscape design, and appear in prestigious publications and at exhibitions.

The Foundation collaborates with a number of professional associations and trade platforms. It has been a member of the International School Grounds Alliance since 2017.

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