Main Well Control Department

Organizational Structure

The MWCD has a total of 68 well control team members at its disposal:

  • 10 professional rescuers
  • 27 MND Group voluntary rescuers
  • 31 innogy GS voluntary rescuers

The department consists of two sections:

  • Chief Mechanic Section
  • Rescue Equipment Section

Hodonín MWCD Activities

The provision of mine rescue/well control services has a long-standing tradition going back to 1976 when the first well control departments were introduced in the Czech Oil & Gas industry. The MWCD is active across the Czech Republic and in Hungary, providing its services to organizations engaged in oil & gas production, workovers, gas storage in natural rock formations, drilling and geophysical operations related to oil and gas prospecting, and P&A operations.

The MWCD is included in the Czech Integrated Rescue System. Its primary task is to coordinate available resources for rapid and effective response to major and life-threatening operational emergencies associated, in particular, with oil, gas and water blowouts and the escape of toxic gases.

  • Conducts operations in unbreathable environments.
  • Carries out work at heights and over openings.
  • Methodically manages and monitors activities of other well control stations.
  • Provides well control training.
  • Conducts training in first aid administration and the use of breathing equipment.
  • Performs repairs, inspections and tests of breathing and resuscitation equipment.
  • Inspects and calibrates toxic and hazardous gas detectors.
  • Cooperates with external organizations in emergency prevention and occupational health and safety.

Hodonín MWCD collaborates with partners both in the Czech Republic and abroad:

Ministry of the Interior – Directorate General of Fire and Rescue Service of the Czech Republic

The Czech Mining Office, Regional Mining Authorities in the Czech Republic

OKD – CMRS operator, Ostrava

Prague CMRS

Severní Energetická a.s. – CMRS operator, Most

PGNiG, Oddział Ratownicza Stacja Górnictwa Otworowego (Poland)

OMV, Betriebsfeuerwehr EATW-F (Austria)

Nafta a.s., the Malacky MWCD (Slovakia)