About MND

MND a.s. is engaged in oil & gas exploration and production in the Czech Republic and abroad and in the trading of these commodities.

The company arises from a more than hundred-year-old tradition of oil & gas production in the South Moravian region and currently supplies Gas from the Source® and electricity to energy traders and end-customers alike.

Company Profile

  • Holder of 6 exploration licenses extending over an area of 2,219 km2.
  • Conducts production operations at 37 deposit locations in the Czech Republic.
  • Total annual oil production of 95 thousand m3, with annual gas production of 98 million m3.
  • Provides well control services for oil & gas exploration/production wells, operates underground gas storage facilities and conducts special interventions into the Earth’s crust.
  • Operator of modern analytical laboratories that conduct a wide range of physical-chemical testing in the petrochemical and environmental sectors.
  • Holder of the ČSN EN ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Certificate and the ČSN OHSAS 45001 Health and Safety Management Certificate.

MND a.s. is a member of strong and stable MND Group AG wherein KKCG Group is the sole shareholder. The continuing success of MND Group hinges on the expertise of its employees who have been improving their professional qualifications and sharing their hands-on experience since 1913.

In addition to oil & gas exploration/production and natural gas trading, MND Group companies also focus on the development and operation of underground gas storage facilities and provision of drilling services.

Moreover, we have long been committed supporters of initiatives related to environmental protection, local traditions and the promotion of sports among children and the youth.