• The continuing success of MND hinges on the expertise of its employees who have been improving their professional qualifications and sharing their hands-on experience since 1913.
  • We strive to bring more than one hundred years of MND development to bear on public responsibility in support of tradition.


Slovácko Folklore Year

MND is a general partner of the Slovácko Folklore Year festival, most recently held in Kyjov in 2019.

The significance that the Slovácko Folklore Year has for the city of Kyjov and the entire Slovácko region is profound. The consistency of the festival has inspired scores of village bands, folklore ensembles as well as brass and dulcimer bands, and presents local residents and visitors with the opportunity to see and listen to leading folklore singers, dancers and musicians.

Thousands of participants of all ages endeavor to maintain age-old traditions that form the foundation of the cultural wealth and heritage of the nation as a whole.


Historical Bicycles of Ždánice

We regularly work together with the town of Ždánice where we conduct numerous business activities and take part in local projects aimed at the protection of environmental resources and cultural values. One favorite summer event in Ždánice is historical bicycle riding, traditionally held on the local castle park grounds. Each year, visitors can see a competition in the stylish riding of rubber-tire-velocipede and high-wheeler categories and enjoy a rich accompanying program. In the afternoon, cyclists of all ages set off on a leisurely ride to the village of Dražůvky, following a section of the Ždánicko Microregion Cyclepath.


Fundraising and Social Services Support

We continue to lend financial support to the BENATURA benefit ball held in Hodonín each year, the entrance and raffle ticket proceeds of which go to the Hodonín Children’s Home and to mentally disabled clients from the Zelený dům pohody facility.