Promotion of Sports

  • We are a long-standing supporter of sport clubs and sport talent in youth from around the Hodonín region.
  • Major activities include those focused on ensuring the continued stability and prosperity of the FK Hodonín football club  and the funding of specialized classes of the Hodonín Athletic Club.
  • Additional sport clubs we support in and around Hodonín include: The Rowing Club, TJ Sokol (wrestling), HBC Rigum Hodonín (street hockey), Tělovýchovná jednota Slovan (tennis), the Skating Club and others.

Kindergartens in Motion

We focus on promoting sport with children. We have been a general partner of the successful Kindergartens in Motion project for the past four years. As part of the initiative, qualified coaches visit kindergartens to guide their pupils through various activities aimed at developing general motor skills and abilities, promoting health, joy and creativity in children and providing the foundation for their future engagement in any type of sport.

As early as the first year of its existence, the project delivered encouraging results. The FK Hodonín football club saw an increase in pre-entry and entry-level enrollment of almost a third. Due to the project being aimed equally at girls, the number of female footballers in FK Hodonín has also risen substantially.


      • developing general physical abilities in children
      • promoting child health, joy and creativity
      • forming character and individual personality in a team environment
      • encouraging healthy competitiveness and a sense of fair play
      • preparing children for FK Hodonín, entry-level

Frequently asked questions

      • Who is the program for? Boys and girls at preschool, aged 4 – 6.
      • Where are the classes held? In the safe environment of individual schools which children are familiar with and enjoy.
      • What is the class frequency and duration? 45–60 minutes, once a week depending on specific arrangements with each school.
      • What form do the classes take? Introductory motor skill games under the guidance of experienced and qualified coaches are primarily used.
      • What equipment requirements are there? Proper sportswear (sweat suit, sneakers), bottled beverages and so on.

To find out more about Kindergartens in Motion, click here.