Press Releases

18. 10. 2021

Statement by MND, a.s. regarding the current situation on the energy markets

The current turbulent situation on the energy market will not fundamentally affect the functioning of MND, a.s., primarily because MND’s business is diversified and built on five main pillars: oil and gas exploration and production, drilling contractor services, underground gas storage and the wholesale of natural gas and electricity, as well as the supply of natural gas and electricity to households and small businesses.

20. 07. 2020

MND strengthens the team to implement the new strategy

MND Group reacts to current market situation impacted by the COVID 19 pandemic, the long-term fall in oil prices, and the increasing trend in the European Union towards renewable sources and carbon footprint minimisation technology. MND management is working on a new strategy to ensure long-term efficiency and sustainability in surveying and mining, as well as development in the group’s other business areas. MND is making a number of organisational changes with the goal of creating and implementing the new strategy.

02. 07. 2018

MND Became the Most Preferred Energy Supplier in 2017

According to its annual report, MND a.s. extracted 82 million cubic meters of natural gas and 116 thousand cubic meters of crude oil in 2017. Disclosed data show that MND Drilling and Services (MND DS) drilled 20 wells last year, three quarters of them abroad. The figures underscore the success of the company’s expansion strategy aimed at developing its business as a drilling contractor. The volume of gas and electricity trading grew substantially as well. MND, a licensed trader, traded over gas and electricity worth over 31 billion crowns last year. The MND Retail Division also performed favorably, as the number of gas and electricity customers grew more than 80% in 2017. Currently, MND supplies one of the two commodities to over 92,500 customers. MND is the most preferred new energy supplier on the Czech market.

10. 05. 2018

KKCG to Submit Offer for the Czech Operations of innnogy

KKCG Group plans to submit a bid for the Czech assets of German energy company innogy.

24. 04. 2018

MND Prospects for New Deposits of Crude Oil and Natural Gas

MND is conducting one of the most extensive seismic surveys in its history on a site near Kyjov in Moravia, where geologists are using state-of-the-art 3D seismic exploration technology to scan an
area of 193 square kilometers in the hope of finding as-yet-undiscovered crude oil or natural gas deposits.

24. 04. 2018

MND’s Sales of Goods Grow 40%

Moravské naftové doly a.s. (MND) has unveiled its 2015 Annual Report. Last year, the company tripled the number of its customers who receive gas supplies under the Firsthand Gas brand.

24. 04. 2018

Issues Bonds in size over CZK 2.2 Billion

MND (Moravské naftové doly) has successfully completed the first issue of bonds on the Czech capital market in the size of CZK 2.202 billion.