Oil & Gas Exploitation

We produce oil & gas in Southern Moravia and abroad. Our aim is to create systems that are as efficient and effective as possible.

In all our operations, we adhere to stringent occupational health and safety, operational safety and environmental protection requirements by:

  • Conducting all activities in accordance with applicable legal regulations and other requirements to which the company is subject and/or which relate to its activities, and by continually enhancing our performance via the introduction of new technologies and work procedures.
  • Giving due consideration to the safety and protection of our employees and the environment, ensuring that individual tasks are performed by fully qualified and suitably experienced personnel.
  • Employing appropriate production equipment which is subject to regular and rigorous inspection in an effort to ensure that any risks of operational accidents, injuries and environmental damage are kept to the absolute minimum.
  • Adopting work procedures that facilitate occupational health, safety and environmental protection.

We plan, design, implement, maintain and operate surface production equipment ranging from simple well connections to complex gathering systems and production facilities for effective oil and gas processing.