MND Group

The foundations for the initial oil & gas pillar of KKCG Group were laid in 1996 when KKCG became a shareholder in Moravské naftové doly (MND) with a tradition dating back to 1913.

  • MND is a Europe-based group engaged primarily in the oil & gas sector.
  • It conducts operations in oil & gas prospecting, exploration and production both in the Czech Republic and abroad.
  • Provider of drilling and workover services with international reach via its subsidiaries.
  • MND Group companies also focus on gas and electricity trading, energy distribution to households and the development and operation of underground gas storage facilities.
  • The Group’s parent company is MND Group AG based in Lucerne, Switzerland.
  • The sole shareholder of MND Group AG is KKCG Investment Group.
  • The group’s solid performance has its basis in a strong and stable background coupled with the professional approach of its team of experts.
  • The group offers and delivers technologically safe, high-quality and reliable products and services.


MND Group Companies

  • MND Drilling & Services a.s.

MND Drilling & Services is a drilling contractor engaged in international activities in a number of European countries and a provider of a complete spectrum of services ranging from oil, gas and geothermal exploration/production drilling and well workovers to the drilling and completion of underground gas storage wells. MND Drilling & Services has a long-standing tradition in providing all types of well workover services. The company guarantees professional quality services at the highest level. For more information, click here.


  • MND Gas Storage a.s.

MND Gas Storage a.s. is engaged in the development and operation of underground gas storage facilities with a highly flexible and fully automated operation-control system.
In 2003, the company launched its first underground gas storage facility (UGS) which underwent a major expansion and complete upgrade in 2013. At present, Uhřice UGS ranks among the state-of-the-art and most flexible storage facilities in all of Europe. For more information, click here.


  • Energy Retail

MND a.s. is one of the leading gas wholesalers. In 2013, the company entered the retail sector with a view to supplementing its expertise in gas trading.  It was by no means easy to enter a market characterized by strong competition and general customer reluctance to switch suppliers. However, MND has succeeded in building a strong brand, ranking among the top 5 gas suppliers as regards to customer awareness.
MND is a gas and electricity supplier to households and businesses, also active on the German, Austrian and Dutch markets. It trades in natural gas and gas storage capacity.

Gas supplier to households and businesses
In 2014, MND launched energy distribution to households. In January 2014, it introduced its Gas from the Source product and in May of the same year it began retailing electricity at competitive prices.

Gas supplier to major businesses
MND a.s. is a reliable supplier of natural gas to wholesalers.


  • MND Trading

MND Trading is one of the biggest trader with energy commodities in the Czech Republic. It is a major European player in the gas storage capacity market. MND Trading trades commodities such as gas, electricity, oil, coal and CO2 allowances and dynamically expands its geographic reach. For more information, click here.